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says they will not back retaliatory military strike, denying obama the valuable cover that he thought he was going to get. earlier this afternoon after meeting with the president and the national security council, secretary of state john kerry delivered the administration's most powerful statement to date on this matter. >> we know that the regime has used those weapons multiple times this year. we know that for three days before the attack, the syrian regime's chemical weapons personnel were on the ground, in the area making preparations. we know the syrian regime elements were told to prepare for the attack by putting on gas masks and taking precautions. we know rockets came only from regime-controlled areas and went only to opposition-controlled or contested neighborhoods. breathing difficulties, people twitching with spasms, coughing, rapid heartbeats, foaming at the mouth, unconsciousness and death. we saw rows of deadlined up in burial shrouds. the white linen unstained by a single drop of blood. the united states government now knows that at least 1,429 syrians were killed in t
. ♪ >>> we'll have more from camp pendleton coming up. but we begin with a new decision from president obama. he's cancelling a planned one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin. the meeting was scheduled to coincide with the president's trip to the g-20 economic trip. obama vowed to keep his commitment in attending the g-20 during a sit-down with jay leno last night. that's despite his disappointment over putin's decision to grant nsa leaker edward snowden asylum. so are we headed toward a modern-day cold war between these two? >> i was disappointed because, you know, even though we don't have an extradition treaty with them, traditionally we have tried to respect if there's a lawbreaker or an alleged lawbreaker in their country. there have been times where they slipped back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past. you know e we've got to think about the future. >> mean tiemt, many are expecting more revelations from snowden related to u.s. surveillance programs. administration officials say
to the obama administration that its support, at least within the militar military, was evaporated. >> given what you just said, the birth of a democracy is and has always been a rather messy and bloody process. so in terms of action, can the obama administration be reasonably expected to do anything other than this? do we have that tape? >> the world is -- what is happening in cairo. we urge the government in egypt and all parties in egypt to refrain from violence and resolve their differences peacefully. >> basically issuing a statement. is the president right to keep the united states at arm's length from what's happening in egypt? >> the president has to navigate the anger and resentment that's now felt on both sides of the equation in egypt. let's remember, we have a stake in egypt's stability for the regional goals and objectives of u.s. foreign policy, jonathan. not only the camp david accords, not only its role in counterterrorism against islamists and terrorists throughout north africa, but also as a center of stability, relative stability in this arab spring. so the most important
are expected to marry this year. >>> right now president obama is meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss concerns about the nsa's top secret surveillance programs. the group of about a half dozen top intelligence lawmakers include outspoken opponents. according to a white house offici official, it's important for congress to hear from the president directly including some of the program's most prominent critics. >>> and from the news cycle to the spin cycle, the controversy that was sparked by the secret surveillance program has now left a moscow airport. after 39 days in limbo he was finally granted asylum in russia. not everyone is happy about this. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests. >> mr. snowden's actions have hurt the ability of our country to protect our citizens and i would hope that president obama would engage president putin on this issue and resolve it in a way that's satisfactory to the american people. >> the move now raises questions about the fate of the president's 34r57
legitimacy, i understand you talked to president obama on that clip. the subtext in the woody allen footnotes is therefore had he to go and we backed the military ousting. even if we didn't like him you weren't inclusive on the stimulus package or the obama care design. that's a weird standard for the president to be offering now given how the consequences work. i don't think there's good options. we're trying to walk this fine line where obviously we want to condemn what's happening. we're not going to use coup or maintain leverage. it's a big, big mess. >> that leads to my question which is what can the umpts s. do? on the one hand does the united states really want to go into a third country in the middle east? often the other hand, can we even afford to conduct any kind of military action anywhere? >> i don't think the u.s. wants to see the military going into this anywhere. the egyptian military controls businesses and enterprises that account for about 20% of gdp in that country. even for the transition before away from mubarak into the interim democracy to where we are now, the constan
what? who wrote that? crazy talk. consider yourself warned. >> it's a thing. ♪ >>> president obama convened his national security team at the white house today. there are plenty of topics to speak about under that umbrella. we're told the conversation was egypt, mainly the $1.5 billion in aid we sent them. the administration is deciding whether to cut that off given the military's crackdown of supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi. meantime, the u.n. security council is convening an emergency meeting right now regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in syria. their focus is on reports that hundreds of civilians were killed near damascus when government forces used chemical weapons on them. the white house today condemned any use of chemical weapons. we're told the president is being updated about developments throughout the region. >> we've seen these reports. we've consulted with some of our partners in it the region about these reports. but that is why we are calling for this u.n. investigation to be conducted. there is an investigation team that's on the ground in syri
-moving story, our president under the microscope. this "time" cover says it. what president obama can do and what may simply be out of his control as "the cycle" rolls on for thursday, august 29th. is the best. >> so for the latest on the white house angle on this we bring in nbc news political director, chuck todd. >> reporter: mr. kornacki, how are you, sir? >> i'm good. give us the latest, chuck. >> the president just did a personal briefing to speaker john boehner trying to answer some of those questions that speaker boehner sent over to the white house in a letter yesterday. speaker boehner released his side of the conversation simply saying that he appreciates the phone call, the consultation, but then also said more consultation with congress is necessary so another way that a member of congress, a pretty important one, is saying -- has tapped the brakes a little bit on this issue of syria. we know that a larger briefing with other members of congress that's going to be -- will not include the president but a lot of the national security staff, secretary kerry, some oth
is clearly making this a moral issue. this is not just a budgetary issue. we have seen the obama administration now work to be lessen the crack to coke sentencing disparity. now this sort of criminal justice reform. don't let it be said that the obama administration never did anything for black people. black people who are suffering under criminal justice inequalities are going to find a disparate amount of relief after disparate impact from these polici policies. when we're talking about stop and frisk and this disparity, the thing we can link them together is criminology. they talk about why people break the law partly has to do with legitimacy. do they feel the law doesn't legitimately take care of them, work for them? do the people who enact the law, who carry out the law, are they illegitimate for them? >> such an important point that goes to what krystal was reporting here. you have this huge ruling today where a federal court is saying that the racial profiling in stop and frisk is unconstitutional in two ways. number one, it violates the fourth amendment protections that
biden will be at president obama's side for this final stop on this college affordability tour, if you want to call it that. of course, the optics are going to get a lot of buzz. this is the vice president's hometown, scranton. this is biden country. he's very popular there. so you can bet that there's going to be a lot of buzz about 2016 in the wake of this event. certainly the optics will give into that. but the president focused on his current campaign, which is really about sort of teeing up these fall budget battles with republicans. this tour is focused on college affordability, as we have been talking about for the past two days. the president has unveiled his plan for college affordability, which would link federal funding to this new college rating system. the president just talked about that at the town hall event in binghamt binghamton. the president got a number of questions at that town hall event. everything from college affordability to health care and also the swe queequester. i thought it was interesting. he got a lot of questions about what he's going to be duking it
whitesnake to kick off the show. how appropriate are those lyrics today for president obama. he's on his own with public support falling. back on a campaign style bus going down the only road he's ever known. enough with whitesnake. there were a few big initiatives from the president today tying financial aid to college performance giving all students access to programs and holding students, of course, accountable for finishing the degrees they do start. only 58% of full-time students who started college in 2004 earned their four year degree within six years. that diploma is getting more and more expensive. although the only family income has increased 16% since whitesnake was on the billboard. people tried to sell their tickets on craig's list. we saw them up there for $250 a pair. fair warning, selling your ticket is illegal and who wants to add a heft at this fine to their student loan anyway. nbc's kristen welker is aboard the don't call it a campaign bus bus heading to the president's speech. kristen, it's great to see you. >> reporter: great to see you too, abby. good afternoon. thanks
congress, and we will continue to have these conversations in the days ahead. president obama has always been in close touch with leaders of our key allies, and the president will be making an informed decision about how to to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons. make no mistake. president obamas believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious, and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. thank you. >> secretary of state john kerry condemning the assad regime for its believed use of chemical weapons on his own people. kerry saying the attack should shock the conscience of the world. we want to get right to nbc's ayman mohyeldin in the region. what's your response to that? >> reporter: well, some very interesting points there from secretary of state john kerry. among them, really, was laying out the argument for the use of chemical weapons over the course of the last several days. that was certainly something many people here were very critical about.
if president obama decides to strike syria and top u.s. officials say those strikes could start as soon as thursday and will send a definitive message to assad. with syrian ally russia wheeling power on the veto council, this might happen without a u.n. mandate. it's happened before, like the 1999 nato op in the former youk slav ya. the u.s. has four naval destroyers in the mediterranean. so far, they have no orders to prepare for action. doctors without borders puts the death toll from last week's poison gas attack over 350 with 3600 injured. p u.n. inspectors were kept out today because of security concerns, this amid new reports that assad forces launched a separate chemical attack money in aleppo, allegedly usining napalm. ayman, i want to the start by getting your response to something jay carney said today about the options they are considering in terms of a strike in syria. >> the options that we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> so ayman, if we do
, president obama's constantly being updated by his national security team. over the weekend, top congressional leaders were given classified briefings. the concern clearly crosses party lines. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> this specific threat that we've been briefed on over and over again has reached a new level. >> nbc's eamon mohyeldin is outside one of those closed embassies in cairo. ayman, we have just learning the shutdown is the result of an interceptive communication between the head of al qaeda and pakistan and the leader of an affiliate group in yemen. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, that's right. the details probably are going to be coming in the coming hours. what we do know is this was an intercept from al qaeda's leader in the pakistan/afghanistan region who oversees the entire official, if you will, branch of al qaeda in that area. it seems to have been an intercept of a phone conversation that was gi
of congress -- two months ago when this program was exposed, president obama gave a press conference in which he was very defiant. basically said, this is not a scandal, people know about this. you can tell now -- i saw a member from michigan who's a republican who led the fight to defund this nsa program. had a very blistering statement today about this, attacking this program, saying, republicans and democrats. he's implying the republican leadership along with the administration is complicit in misleading the public about this program. you're going to hear more comments like that. people suggesting i ining -- i' to let ari use the word lying. there's a credibility gap on this program right now. you're seeing a lot of democrats who are normally very pro-obama, very supportive be very skeptical about what the program does and what he's saying about the program as well. >> well, perry -- >> just briefly, perry, lying is charitable. it also looks like perjury. i'll use that word as well. >> when you're in front of congress, you're supposed to swear under oath. ari is right. those comments don'
problem. you know, people like to blame obama care. obama care is an issue, but other issues are just the slow pace in the economy and it's cheaper to have part-time people. you can pay them less. you can lay them off. they're contingent and so forth. this is very unhealthy and very disconcerting. very tough on young people trying to get started. it's just a terrible situation. >> peter, i know the part-time numbers also upset you because when it comes to tv punditry, and you're working overtime. >> well done. >> i'm an old guy. i can work more. i'm twice the age of all you people. >> jared, enough humor. i want to ask you about some of the negative news that is here. obviously any job pick-up is great. if we go with the recent rates, it's going to be another seven years just to get us back to even with pre-recession employment numbers with where we would be to recover. that's 2020, okay. that's like president clinton or president christie going into their second term. we've worked that up there for jobs friday to give you a feeling of how far air way that is. should that be a big bum
, i don't think there's any question, i think president obama has said this, i think a lot of other people, democrats have said it, that there needs to be a big, serious, grown up national discussion about overall spending that should in some way or other include discussing entitlements as well as tax reform as well as so-called discretionary spending. in other words, the whole thing but that's not what this is about. this is about making political points, scoring political points and it also figures into politics for 2014 and 2016. in the case of 2014 you'll notice that one of the names of the co sponsors of the penny plan is mike enzi of wyoming. why? well, i would venture to say it's because liz cheney is trying to challenge him from the right. >> yeah. >> so you've got tea party written all over this and it plays into local politics more than it does actual numbers in the budget. >> well, and you say they're scoring political points. absolutely right. my problem is that they don't seem to be interested in doing anything other than scoring political points. >> right. i think that
tying, keeping the funding open. now they're talking about scaling that back to delay obama care for one year. i think the president is going to say, look, they're playing games with this. i just want to do simple governance where we keep the government open and try to have measures that grow the economy a little bit and create jobs. it's not that he has a bold agenda, but it's not an agenda that engages the economy by playing with the budget process. i think that's the way he'll portray it. >> all right. stay with us, josh. i want to bring in nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell from d.c. refusing a meeting with vladimir putin seems to me like a cold-war mind set. does it seem that way to you? >> that certainly is the temperature. although, foreign minister lavrov is having a briefing at the end of his talks today with john kerry and chuck hagel. he's briefing over at the russian embassy. he started out by saying it's really good they're getting together at the minister level. he seems to be trying to smooth things over a little bit. some of the the russians don't l
the sequester into being in the first place. then it was all obama's face and the sequester was awful. then they decided they sort of liked the sequester and they were going to embrace it. we saw before the august recess, the republican house failing, having to pull the appropriations bill for transportation, housing and urban development from the floor because when push came to shove, they could not actually write the budget numbers. the cuts were too draconian, even for modern republicans. have their feelings on the sequester once again shifted? >> republicans are not of one mind on this. i mean, you have some folks like john mccain, who are saying they're open to what democrats are calling for, which is more than revenue to replace the sequester cuts. you have others that are saying that we need to have -- replace this with cuts to entitlement programs on medicare or social security. that's what democrats will not go for, unless there's some revenue in the mix. and there are others who say it's good. look what's happening. the deficit is actually decreasing for once. the see queste
>>> i'm krystal ball. right now on "the cycle," betting the house. president obama travels west and promises a north star for struggling homeowners. >>> a landmark piece of civil rights legislation turns 48 today, but its future requires more than a birthday wish. >>> i'm abby huntsman. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg finds a status he doesn't like, and he's using his global reach to friend more people. >>> the fate of reputed mobster whitey bulger is now in the hands of the jury. >>> plus, more on the embassy closings and a-rod. if it's happening today, it's in "the cycle." >>> president obama just touched down in phoenix. this hour he'll tour a construction company in the hour before laying out his plan for the future of american homeownership. it's a big task indeed. the white house is billing it as a major policy speech in a part of the country that was hit so hard by the housing crisis but has also seen a remarkable comeback. home sales in the phoenix area are up 4% from last year. prices are up more than 18%. inventory is up more than 20%, which is a sign that more sellers ar
on the decision making of the generals who have already dismissed what the obama administration has to say to them. >> dana, strong comments from the ambassador there. the washington side from you if we stop giving aid to egypt, then, yes, vladimir putin might come in. then we lose a key ally or change a key ally in that important region. so what has washington got to consider here? >> well, the ambassador was talking about how it all is naval gazing. that, of course, is the great national past time here in the capital. i've just left today's white house briefing that was dominated by that very question of what will happen to that aid. as you would expect, they're making no commitment one way or the other. found many ways to deflect that over the hour. the good news, perhaps, is that congress is still out of session for another few weeks, so no decision actually needs to be made. they won't be forcing anybody's hand. they can wait and see how things develop here. there was no appetite for suspending aid before this most recent crackdown, as we saw on the hill before they left town. obviously, this
with "the cycle." what a day it's been. 200 speakers, thousands of people gathered in d.c. president obama is moments away from speaking on the steps of the lincoln memorial, the same spot where dr. king spoke 50 years ago. we've seen the king family ringing the bell that was saved from the birmingham baptist church where the four little girls were killed. now we have heather headley singing. we've heard john lewis, oprah, jamie foxx and two presidents so far and one more to come. what an incredibly inspiring day. the highlight, we imagine, is still ahead of us. we've heard all manner of progressives lifting us and speaking to various progressive causes, and we still have the president to come. he said his speech is not going to be as good as dr. king's speech, which we imagine is a really good thing to say, but obviously the bar is high for this president. one minute until the president speaks, as we see dr. king's memorial there. surely an exciting historic moment ahead of us. >> and such a focus and such a sense of how far we've come and yet the work that remains to be done. i found it
than first lady michelle obama. 19 songs. a lot of hip-hop. it's called songs for a healthier america. it's part of that let's move campaign. it features hits like "you are what you eat," "veggie love," and "we love vegetables." you're listening to "everybody" by jordan sparks and douggie fresh with a guest appearance of dr. oz. ♪ ♪ >> i love it. >> always think about what dr. oz looked like there before you do anything at a work party or ever try to dance in front of your children. that's useful on a number of levels. now, what did you guys think about it? we asked you on our facebook. ellie said, it is great and anned a trous mix. willie said, way to go, let's keep these kids moving. amen. keep it moving with us on facebook, where you'll find a link to that entire album. stay with us. up next, we have a story that's been flying around the web at lightning speed. the high-speed transportation system designed by an iron man hills. the average pizza dinner out is over $8.00 a meal. this digiorno dinner from walmart is less than $2.30 a serving. replacing one pizza dinner out a week
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)

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